How to lay tile?
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How to lay tile?

How to lay tile?

For laying tiles, first everything old is dismantled. The old tile clings with a spatula or an ordinary knife. Take the edge of the tile and break it with a hammer. When all the tiles are broken off, we begin to build. If in the end you want to get even walls, they must be primed, placed and putty.

It is also important for the home to take into account its foundation. For example, it can be made of screw piles and the company “Glavfundam” provides for its manufacturing services.In order to finish with decorative materials, floors and walls, it is necessary to level the surface. All walls are plastered. Dry mixture is diluted with ordinary water. To thoroughly mix the solution, a small drill with a mixer nozzle is used. Заготовка штукатурной смеси заготавливается, только маленькими порциями. Because the composition of the plaster quickly hardens and becomes unsuitable. After plastering the wall, go to putty. This composition is necessary for high -quality wall surface decoration. The finish alignment is carried out. Putty is applied with a thin layer to the surface. After the putty hardening, the surface of the walls grinds to the perfect shine.

Tiles are placed in the bathroom or in the kitchen, they are usually considered the most wet. From humidity, walls are protected and impregnated with waterproofing. This is a rubber emulsion rubber, without adding solvents. It is used for corrosion protection. Waterproofing properties, this is environmental friendliness.

Ceramic tiles are made of mineral raw materials. This is clay or quartz sand. Such tiles are strong and environmentally friendly. It is important to consider that the tile is fragile. Before cutting tiles, it is soaked for an hour in water. Затем линии прочерчиваются стеклом. The tile is placed by cut on the edge of the table. Then we press on the tile. The tile will split exactly the outlined line.

Cement mixture to get water with water. It turns out waterproof tile glue. Such glue will provide quality work, even for beginners. The tile will be firmly held on the surface and not crawl down. It is necessary to monitor the masonry level. Follow the thickness between the tiles so that the width is the same.

At the edges of the tiles and in the corners, basement strips are placed. So the tile will look complete. The joints between the tiles are smeared. Grouting lavov can be selected in tone. The tile is ready for her only to dry!

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