How to install a mobile air conditioner?
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How to install a mobile air conditioner?

How to install a mobile air conditioner?

Mobile air conditioning-the optimal solution if it is not possible to install a full-fledged split system in the room, but there is a desire to ensure additional air cooling. How to install a mobile air conditioner, and is it possible to cope with this task yourself?

One of the key advantages in favor of choosing a mobile air conditioner is the ease of installation of such a system. And it is really convenient, it is enough to ensure the yield of hot air and no additional difficulties or labor -intensive installation – it will not be required.

For connection, the product should be located on a flat surface, preferably no closer than 30-40 cm from objects in the room and walls. After that, it is enough to attach a hose that is supplied in the kit, one end of which is attached to the hole located in the rear of the air conditioner and designed to eliminate hot air. The second part of the hose is displayed in the hole located in the wall or window. The installation is completed on this and no additional efforts or financial costs will be required. This advantage largely led to the popularity that mobile air conditioners currently use. In the office, apartment, in the country – wherever they are located, they regularly perform their functions, and the installation in a new place takes a minimum period of time.

What is important, air conditioners of this type – provide not only convenience, but also saving cash. The cost of such climate technology, represented by the company “Technology for Life”, is quite profitable and affordable, and at the same time its owners do not spend additional finances on installation, installation and connection. In addition, if necessary, the device can easily be moved to any other room, while the re -installation will not cause the slightest difficulties. For example, equipment can be used in a city apartment, and when leaving for the cottage, you can temporarily pick it up with you.

Needless to say, mobile air conditioners are a truly revolutionary solution in the world of climate technology. Rapid cooling of air in the room, affordable cost, ease of installation and convenience of subsequent use are the advantages of such a system for installation, both in the conditions of the office and at home, are truly obvious.

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