How to extend the youth of a woman?
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How to extend the youth of a woman?

How to extend the youth of a woman?

How to extend the youth of a woman?

Any representative of the fair sex would always have to stay young and beautiful, have healthy hair and nails, toned skin without wrinkles. However, no one was still able to stop the time. Sooner or later, the woman faces a number of problems. They arise not only because of time, but also against the background of an incorrect lifestyle. What rules must be observed in order to remain a young maximum possible time? Here are some tips.


one. Proper nutrition. Any woman must monitor her diet, because it is from here that she draws all the necessary elements for her youth. Food should be as balanced as possible and contain a sufficient amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as minerals and vitamins. Eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals. Fish is very useful. It is very difficult to force to abandon the flour and sweet, so try to minimize the use of such products. And forget to forever about fast food! Also follow the number of meals, for its volume. Eat five to six times a day (including snacks) in small portions, try not to overeat.

Our body needs water, drink more fluids, give preference to ordinary still water and green tea. It is these drinks that will improve metabolism, moisturize and saturate your skin with moisture, thereby prolong youth.

2.  Hard and healthy sleep. Necessarily. Lack of sleep significantly affects the appearance of a woman, causes chronic fatigue and weakness. To look young and fresh, you need to get enough sleep. A full sleep gives a healthy color to the skin, shine in the eyes, vigor of the spirit and good mood. Do not neglect a dream. Observing sleep mode is very important if you want to extend youth and beauty of the body and spirit. Ideally, you need to sleep for about eight hours, at the same time at the same time at 22-23 hours. During this time, the body will completely restore all its strength and rest.

3. A healthy lifestyle, without it nowhere. Give up bad habits: smoking, from drinking alcohol. Smoking causes early wrinkles, the complexion will fade. Also, the well -known fact of the occurrence of diseases of the respiratory system due to smoking. Alcohol will also not affect your health and freshness of the body in the best way.

four. Sport. Sport should be present in life necessarily. It doesn’t matter what exactly will be (walking, running, swimming, yoga, aerobics or doing any other sports). The main thing is to move, saturate the blood with oxygen, strengthen your muscles and get rid of unnecessary kilograms. Sport will help maintain the body in good shape and look attractive at any age.

5. Also take care of your nerve cells, try not to attach significance to the little things, take everything easier and less nervous. Learn to relax, remove irritation. You can learn this yourself or, for example, sign up for meditation. Stresses greatly affect the body of a woman and her appearance. Hence the first wrinkles and gray hair appear. And we don’t need it.

6. There is a Tibetan proven recipe for youth. You will need chamomile, St. John’s wort, immortelle and birch buds – all in equal relationships (100 g each). Grind the plants and mix. One tablespoon is poured with two glasses of boiling water. Let the product brew, then strain. When adding honey to the infusion, drink the glass before bedtime, and the other glass in the morning. Do this every day until the mixture ends. You can repeat such an anti -aging course in 5 years. Such a simple and affordable tool will perfectly cleanse the body, set the metabolism, protect you from the occurrence of many diseases, and most importantly, will extend your youth.

7. Летом многие стремятся получить ровный темный загар. Но солнечные лучи могут принести много неприятностей нашей коже. Пересушивая ее и перегревая, солнечные лучи вызывают раннее старение кожи и возникновения большого количества морщин. Загорая, не забывайте защищать кожу лица и тела кремами с УФ-фильтром. В первые дни на солнце используйте крема с высокой степенью защиты. Защищайте ваши глаза от солнца при помощи солнцезащитных очков. Они также избавят вас от постоянного прищуривания: тем самым спасут от образования возле глаз так называемых «гусиных лапок».

Будьте всегда в хорошем расположении духа, идите с хорошим настроением по жизни, улыбайтесь новому дню и не расстраивайтесь из-за мелочей. Улыбка на лице и отличное настроение сохранят вашу красоту и молодость надолго.

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