How to become desired?
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How to become desired?

How to become desired?

How to become desired?

“Men are falling staff …”, a good winged expression. But in the desires of every woman, a fraction of this expression is cut, well, let them not fall, but simply will be near, show attention signs, show off with flowers, simply adore and go crazy! Many books and articles have already been written, many trainings have been held on the topic “How to become a real woman and like men”. And just be young and beautiful, this is not enough. You probably noticed not only in history, but also in everyday life there are a lot of examples, when outwardly attractive women do not have a happy personal life, while an inconspicuous, in your opinion, a gray person is surrounded by male attention. Since becoming desired? The Women’s Paradise site shares with you secrets, having analyzed which, each of you can become the most welcome.

Secret One: Love men.

Love all men – in the broad sense of the word. And if you have to hear from your girlfriend that “all the men are …” do not share her opinions with her. Men feel that you sincerely consider them good friends, best employees, excellent husbands and fathers, and in general just wonderful people. And if until this moment, you considered men worthless, change your attitude towards them, try to look at them with different eyes, try to see the good in them. And you yourself will be surprised how soon you will see how many good men are around you, namely as you represented them.

Secret of the second: be inconsistent.

Today you were ready to meet him, like tomorrow no attention in his direction. Such female behavior, that is, our inconsistency and unpredictability, gives men anxiety and intrigues them. After all, all men are inherently hunters, and they just need to seek us. This kind of game simply starts them. Today is “yes”, tomorrow “no”, today “complete affection”, and tomorrow “cool”. But the most important thing is not to overdo it.

Secret Three – See the squint.

It turns out men attracts a tilt of the head – this conclusion was made by biologists from the University of McCaori. After conducting certain experiments, they came to the conclusion that men like a woman much more if they see her a little on top, and if her head is slightly tilted to the side. You will ask why? Because at the same time as a sense of superiority, due to the fact that a woman is lower, a man receives evidence that she likes his superiority, due to an inclination of her head. Take it into service, the playful look of the squint is one of …

Secret fourth – move a lot.

No, no, no, here we will not talk about sports (I do not argue, this is also a very useful thing). This is flirting, and it is impossible without movements. After all, an ancient proverb says that a man loves his eyes, and it is your graceful, seductive movements that attract male views. Remove your head, fix your hair, throw your foot on your foot and shake it, play a chain on your neck – arsenal of seducing movements is huge. But it is worth remembering, only those movements that are accompanied by a good mood and positive will drive him crazy. You can’t show your wrist, stroking your fingers with a glass and think: “Damn you all, not a single normal man”.

The secret is the fifth – have a notebook.

Fatal seducers can not be lonely, they have a lot of acquaintances and friends, both female and masculine and look at their lives with wide open eyes, have many interests and hobbies, are constantly in communication and do something in some ways. All this gives them the joy of life and independence, which is also very attractive to men. Therefore, get acquainted, communicate, even if it’s not a man of your dreams. Do not be afraid – the male environment does not scare away, but rather attracts other men. In addition, if you are constantly surrounded by men, whether in study, work or neighborhood, the better for you the experience of communication and seduction with them.

Author: Natalia Konkova

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