How to accustom the baby to the pot?
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How to accustom the baby to the pot?

How to accustom the baby to the pot?

Of course, having bought or showing a pot to his baby, he will not understand his use. My son simply threw toys into him and forgot about him. Oh, well, but we so want our kids to eat, dress, dress, ask, ask and sit on a pot by ourselves. Calmly, not everything is so fast, enjoy the fact that your baby is still small and does not know how to do anything. It’s so exciting! Today the Women’s Paradise website tells how to tame the baby to the pot?

Just do not be surprised when your girlfriend, who has the same 6 -month -old baby, says: “And my son already goes to the pot on his own!” Nothing like this! At this age, mothers already approximately know the habits of his baby, when he wants to write or poop, he grunts, strains or, on the contrary, calms down, so planting on a pot after awakening or lunch is an excellent school for acquaintance with a pot.

Acquaintance with the pot, but it is acquaintance, and not teaching to the pot, you can start from the time when your baby has learned to sit well and this is from 7 to 12 months.

But we will speak precisely to teaching the pot, and you need to start this from about 12 to 18 months, since it is at this age that the baby is already physically ready to control himself, that is, he begins to feel the fullness of the rectum and is already able to hold a larger number urine.

Cute mothers have patience! It is good if your baby is already familiar with the pot from infancy, but there are such that they did not recognize the pot at all, then we all start again. Having bought a beautiful pot with an elephant or pussy, and it should be comfortable, colorful, better plastic. Some prefer musical pots, well, you can do this, although I would not advise, since it will be more like a toy. All mothers are well aware that it is necessary to talk with children, so in this case you need to tell why “this thing” is used, and preferably in the form of a game, for example, putting a bear on a pot, while saying that the bear is pissing. Some mothers clearly show why there is a toilet, while showing that the pot is almost the same, but for small children. Children are our imitators, and they really want to become “big”. This is also one of the methods.

Leave the baby’s pot always in the prominent and in the same place, if the baby has a pot, be sure to praise him: “Oh, what kind of Pavlik, well done wrote in a pot, and the pants remained dry, smart!»Your baby will understand what he did well. Try to plant the baby at the same time, after sleep, walk, after lunch or before bedtime. If the baby is opposed, do not insist too much, do not worry, over time he will ask himself, because this is all individual, someone gets used to it very quickly, and someone longer. Do not overdo it, be softer.

Example. My son himself began to ask for a pot for 1.8 months, I was very happy about it, but then at 2 years old, something happened, he just started writing into his pants, I called it “Potter Pot”. Patience and once again patience! One and a half to two months have passed, and everything has returned, now he himself runs after the pot, and shouting loudly: “I want to write!”, He takes off his pants and sit down himself.

In no case do not scold or make fun of your baby, if he still missed everything into his pants, you should also not show disgust in his described pants “fu, what a muck”, this gives his subconscious a signal, that you cannot completely perceive or love. This happens, or it is just his stubbornness, or the baby was carried away by the game, be softer, over time you will not even notice that wet pants become smaller and less.

Author: Natalia Konkova

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