House made of wood, which beam is better
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House made of wood, which beam is better

House made of wood, which beam is better

In fact, any person thinks about his house, and very often, when there is an opportunity to fulfill their own dream in life, the advantage of buildings from the log house is given and this is clear.

After all, a timber house is not only aesthetic and beautiful, but also not dangerous from the point of view of ecology: the tree breathes, perfectly protects heat, and in the heat – freshness, and the aroma of wood can not be compared with anything.

Of course, with all the advantages of this material there are poor qualities, but when leaving and proper construction behind a timber house, they can be avoided. And here is a fundamental moment, if you do not have the necessary abilities in construction work and decoration of houses from this material, entrust it to professionals, which will do everything instantly, reliably and efficiently. Houses from timber – built by craftsmen, this is a guarantee of reliability and quality, and in addition to building turnkey houses, many companies recommend finished projects, log houses, and if necessary their own timber, which is very comfortable.

If, for example, you want to choose a bar for construction work yourself, then you need to know a couple of secrets. First you need to know that there are 3 types of bar: profiled, glued and traditional, which contains a natural percentage of moisture. And the selection will depend on what you actually want to build and how fast.

If you need a house that will be served not only to you, but also to your children, then a great option for construction work to select a glued beam. You are not threatened with such material, which means the construction will be much faster, nor cracking of logs, nor distortions of door and windows opening. Also, if you strive to save a real image of the walls, then the technology for the production of glued beam makes it possible to do without decoration inside. Only one minus – cost. By the way, good projects of wooden houses from timber can be found in construction magazines and on the Internet.

The profiled strugan beam will cost you relatively expensive, the subsidence of houses from this material will not be more than 5%, but you will need to conduct antiseptic treatment and protecting against fires personally. Also, construction from such material is available to everyone, because this block resembles a designer where there is its place for any detail and make a mistake unrealistic.

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