Healthy food: what technique will become your assistant
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Healthy food: what technique will become your assistant

Healthy food: what technique will become your assistant

Sports, healthy nutrition, a fit figure – all this remains in fashion today. Many people of different ages make a choice in favor of eating right and great and look good. There is a little, often, to make snacks, to eat balanced – these are the main canons of a healthy diet. All nutritionists and nutrition experts recommend abandoning the fassfud, and there are hardly dietary dishes in the canteens, so it is better to cook food yourself. Fortunately, today in many stores you can find a huge amount of household appliances that will help you cook delicious dishes, snacks, juices, and even home yogurts. Thanks to this, your menu will always be varied, and you can stay in form.

So, let’s look at several kitchen household appliances that will become indispensable assistants in the preparation of useful foods right in their kitchen.

Double boiler

An indispensable thing if you need dietary nutrition. Manufacturers offer many options for doubles with various functions. A big advantage of such a technique is that you will not need to stand over it all the time, turn something over, add spices. It is enough to put all the products in the bowl, choose the time needed for preparation on the timer and turn on – the rest of the double boiler will do for you. Also in many models there are several bowls for cooking that are installed on each other, thanks to this there is an opportunity to prepare several dishes at the same time. The principle of operation – pour a certain amount of liquid into a special pallet, it heats up and forms steam that enters the bowls with food and brings it to readiness. Thus, the finished dish is dietary, without excess fat and salt, while all beneficial substances are preserved in the products.


You are not cooking juices at home yet? Its time to begin! In stores, we can most often buy juices from a concentrate in which there is nothing useful left at all. The citrus season is now beginning, so you can delight yourself with freshly squeezed Freesh for breakfast every day. And of course it will come in handy in the summer and autumn, when we have a large selection of fresh vegetables and fruits. Everyone tried tomato juice, apple, orange and carrot, and you can experiment right at home. Try to make freesh with the addition of celery, pumpkin, beets, cucumber, etc.D. It is very tasty and will help you receive all the necessary vitamins.


When you read the label on packages with yogurts in the store, the hair becomes on end. It would seem that this product should benefit your body, but the presence of preservatives and incomprehensible additives indicates the opposite. You can cook useful yogurts of excellent quality right at home. For this you need milk, leaven and yogurtnitsa. Zhakwask can be bought via the Internet or search in supermarkets. In addition, with the help of modern yogurts, you can cook not only yogurt, but also kefir, cottage cheese, desserts.

Vegetables and fruits dryer

In summer and autumn we have a large selection of fruits and vegetables, and in winter and in early spring we lack them. Some freeze fruits, berries and some vegetables, but often there is so much free space in the freezer to provide themselves with vitamins until the next season. You can buy a freezer, but there is also an option at times cheaper – this is a dryer for vegetables and fruits. There you can dry apples, bananas, eggplant, mushrooms, tomatoes, pepper, zucchini, cherries, grapes, apricot and much more, as well as any greens. Many have a habit of chewing something in front of the TV, usually these are chips, seeds, crackers and another unknown trifle. And with a dryer you can easily make apple or banana chips for such snacks.

Kitchen scales

Thanks to kitchen weights, you can correctly calculate portions for yourself and your loved ones. Overeating is one of the main problems in a set of excess weight. In addition, it is convenient for cooking. Sometimes there is no measuring glass in the house, and adding “by eye” can threaten that the dish will turn out too dry or vice versa watery.

Thanks to this kind of assistants, your food will not be boring and monotonous, you can eat great and tasty. Often in stores it is not such a large assortment of electronics as on the Internet. In addition, it is much more convenient to buy on the network, there are constantly interesting promotions and offers. You can find many models of technology mentioned in the item, for example, in a large store of electronics and household appliances “Technola”. If our article inspired you, you decided to seriously take up your food and decided to buy several devices at once, then we recommend that you use promo codes. For the Technolars’ website, you can find them here. Come in, you are waiting for big discounts. Eat correctly and tasty!

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