Grout for tiles: which is better
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Grout for tiles: which is better

Grout for tiles: which is better

Anyone who was engaged in work on decoration knows perfectly well that a grout is considered a final step while working with tiles. Now manufacturers recommend this material for specific conditions.

There was only only white grouting relatively white, but now on the market you can find its different colors that are chosen to the tile.

Why is the grout is needed, and how to use it

Grout is a dry mixture, the basis of which cement is considered. It is used to fill the seams between the tiles; This gives elegance, and also protects from excess humidity. Before proceeding to the last stage of the cladding, you need to prepare the seams. To do this, clean the tile from the glue and dry it. The grout itself is divorced in water to a creamy state and a spatula is applied to the seams between the tiles. The main thing is to see the smoothness of the seams. The remains of the grout must be removed so that it does not freeze on the tile.

The main thing: regardless of the material that is chosen for him, the main thing is definitely following the instructions: the grout should not dry out early or spoil the enamel of the tiles.

What to choose

When deciding which tile grouting is better, it must be taken into account that for rooms where there is moisture, epoxy materials or specialized hydrophobisators are good. These mixtures interfere with the penetration of humidity and the appearance of mold. Manufacturers offering grouts:

Ceresit. Enjoys distinctive trust among consumers. Mixtures for grouting seams with a thickness of 5-10mm. Acting according to the instructions, you can quickly and quickly get a good solution, which is quite easy to work with.

Litochrom Starlike. This manufacturer recommends an epoxy mixture that is suitable for rooms for rooms where there is moisture, in the bathroom and toilet.

Before choosing a grout, carefully study the reviews of those who have already used it. So, for example, many note that the grout of the company Mapei has a number of positive qualities, but at the same time it hardens very quickly, and the grout from the manufacturer Tarnet with some period changes the color and also cracked. Conquest

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