Features of the style and behavior of women successful in the casino
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Features of the style and behavior of women successful in the casino

Features of the style and behavior of women successful in the casino

Casino is a place where excitement and luck intersect. And there is a certain breed of women seeking to experience a thrill again and again. And Fortune favors them! Successful women can be seen from afar, since even in a rather exquisite atmosphere of casino they are knocked out of the general row – both in their appearance and numerous victories. See the source of this article.

Elegant and not pretentious: style rules

Campaign in a casino is an evening event. Therefore, a woman who wants to experience fate will definitely put on an evening dress, make the perfect manicure and use the services of a make -up artist and stylist in hair. Otherwise, she will not be able to go through face and dress control. However, some ladies make a mistake, putting on a too frank dress and hung themselves from head to toe with diamonds. Even if they are, casino is not an exhibition of jewelry. Therefore, here the rule “everything should be in moderation”. This concept includes:

elegant, “on the floor”, but not a pretentious dress. The neckline is welcome!

Classic colors of casinos – black and red. However, the winners are courageous and can choose alternative shades for the outfit;

moderate amount of gold jewelry;

a small clutch, in which only chips and lipstick will fit;

Hard shoes, but without “crazy” transparent platforms 15-20 cm high;

Exquisite manicure without the use of rhinestones and overhead nails.

Self -confident and successful women also give out makeup. Most often – “Smoky Eyes”, giving the gaze of mysterious wolf; or a bright accent on the lips, saying that a woman is ready for a lot. No artificial tanning from which the skin acquires a carrot shade; no suffocating arums – everything should be in moderation!

Dresses for a casino

A restrained but stylish hairstyle will also create a successful woman “Fleur” of hurry. It can be a horse tail, Hollywood waves, careless curls. The main condition is that the hair should shine with health.

Inner power – primarily

However, in addition to a visual gloss, an internal confidence in her luck emanates from a successful woman. Such ladies are far from the hustle and bustle; They are outwardly very calm and can even give the impression of coldness. However, it is deceptive: usually serious passions are raging in their souls, and soil equanimity is one of the explanations of how they achieve success. Indeed, in many games, including popular poker, emotions must be kept under control. And a woman who owns this art impeccably is able to achieve unprecedented heights.

Even winning, such a woman holds calmly and slightly arrogant. By this, she attracts the delighted views of men: they are always interested in self -sufficient personalities with a strong character.

Little secrets of great success

Very often successful women come to a casino with a satellite. However, in such a pair, the dominant role will be assigned to the beautiful half of humanity. Moreover, this is noticeable in everything: in the total attention that a man gives to his lady; In the confident tone of her voice … Even an outsider will understand who the leader is in this “tandem”.

Dress for a casino

And a few more signs of Fortune’s favorite, allowing her to achieve victory.

Minimum alcohol in a casino! A pair of champagne glasses in the evening will be enough to slightly fit the experience. And an excess of alcohol can play a bad service even with a very lucky player.

Lack of signs of disorder, even with damage. A real winner will be able to keep a blow with dignity, as he knows: if success has left today, then only to return tomorrow with numerous gifts.

Following signs. A woman who knows a lot about victories has the right to some prejudices. For example, sitting exclusively opposite the door; blow on the cards in front of the melting; And even – to refuse to play your “unlucky” day.

It is safe to say: the most successful women in a casino are born leaders and – deep down – a little man. Compliance with such a psychological portrait allows them to stay on the crest of good luck!

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