Features of the Finnish wooden house
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Features of the Finnish wooden house

Features of the Finnish wooden house

Finnish wooden houses are popular all over the world. This is not surprising, because they are reliable, durable, are distinguished by excellent thermal insulation properties, as well as beautiful externally. However, often what is served as a Finnish wooden house, has nothing to do with this architectural type. How to understand what you are offered – imitation or original?

In a very traditional form, the Finnish wooden house has one floor, a gable and relatively sloping roof. The classic version does not have an attic, basement and garage. The last two buildings are usually erected separately so that the atmosphere in the house is not spoiled by basement damp and garage smells. In adaptive to customers, two -story buildings are also possible.

One of the features of the Finnish wooden house is the height of the ceilings, which is much smaller than the one to which the Russians are used to, and is 2.2-2.5 m. In Russian houses, we recall the average height of the ceilings – 2.7 m. Such relatively low ceilings for Finns mean savings not only on building materials, but also on heating.

External walls can be covered with paint and varnishes that emphasize the natural color and structure of wood, but there are also houses painted in one or another color. The windows have a special design that provides high thermal insulation indicators, are made of wood and equipped with double -glazed windows.

Now about the internal layout. There are two exits in the Finnish house, there is an open terrace or a veranda, an entrance hall and a kitchen that communicates with the living room, but not united with it. Also in the traditional Finnish house there are many pantries and utility rooms, as well as its own sauna.

For the construction of Finnish wooden houses, glued beams are used (by the way, invented in Finland), a looped log, a frame-chip technology – It all depends on the wish of the customer. By the way, the so -called «Turned out» glued beam. During its manufacture, the beam is dissolved along the axis and the halves of the core are glued over. As a result, a bursa is obtained, on the surface of which cracks do not form – they «hiding» inside. Finnish wooden houses in photographs in this article are examples of projects with a site that are made just from glued beams..

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