Features of the choice of fence
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Features of the choice of fence

Features of the choice of fence

The fence is considered an indispensable element of each site. Good design is not exclusively at home, but the site nearby creates the most complete picture of the desired design. Until that time, any fences were created exclusively using a tree. Although it cracked rapidly, dryed out and, under the influence of weather factors, it was pretty soon possible to lose the structure. Then they began to use various types of metal. The initial iron installations also began to wear out rapidly: rust, oxidize, look incorrectly. Following this, the fences became sophisticated, more aesthetically and began to personify not only a protective, but also decorating a mission.

One of the most simple types is a mesh design. This design is called rabitsa and is a special network with a complete set of large intertwined cells. The material has polymer processing and good protection from the effects of atmospheric conditions. The mesh fence is the most unpretentious in the installation, quite economical, light, durable. Some variations of such a fence suggest a network of special plastic, but its life will not exceed 3 years.

Wooden fences have not yet fully went out of fashion. The superiority of this type of structure is a simple replacement of any worthless detail. At the same time, all sorts of wooden hedges are recommended to be covered with antiseptic agents before use.

The concrete fence does not look as beautiful as possible, but perfectly suits the protective structure. This construction will retain the latest appearance for a long time and will not require any content. There are variations of this type of barrier – Panels created from concrete. They have a decent exterior and often copy stone or brick systems.

With current fashion trends, plastic fences gained peculiar fame. They are only designed, but they are unusually practical and convenient. Plastic does not fade at all, does not decrepit, does not deteriorate. Just care for such material, you do not need to repaint. Many of the structures can have steel components, which in its turn responds to the protective characteristics of the entire structure. Such fences are much more stable and strong.

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