Extensed eyelashes: fashion trend or saving time?
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Extensed eyelashes: fashion trend or saving time?

Extensed eyelashes: fashion trend or saving time?

Among the other features of the face, one stands out, which is recognized as the most important, attractive and expressive. These are eyes. That is why the female half of the population is so striving to ensure that their eyes look excellent. However, in order to make it so, it is necessary that the eyelashes around the eyes are advantageously emphasized. That the ladies are not used for this. And carcasses for eyelashes, and eyeliners. All this is difficult, expensive and a lot of time is spent on it, so much that jokes on this topic even appeared among the people.

Cosmetologists have come up with a tool that allows girls to save time and money on cosmetics. Artificial eyelash extensions creates an effect that exceeds any mascara. This is a simple and safe way to make eyes expressive for a long time, while not spending time every day on applying cosmetics on the face. The essence of this action is simple. The master degreases with a special solution. After that, beams of artificial eyelashes are attached to the roots of the eyelashes. They can be made of a wide variety of materials. The budget option is considered to be plant fiber. For rich customers, salons can be provided with artificial eyelashes of luxury animals wool. They are attached to black, or colorless glue. Summing up such eyelashes, be sure to use the composition of black. The process of creating such cilia itself is quite laborious and long -term. Exverts will be required not only from the master, but also from the client. A person in the chair of a cosmetologist will have to try not to blink his eyes for about an hour, so as not to shift and spoil the extensions of the extensions.

In order for the extensed and stunning eyelashes to become a real punishment, it is worth following several rules. The first rules are precautions:

– You have to be neat in the process of searching and choosing a master. What will be extensively eyelashes, and whether relatives will be damaged, depends directly on his professional skills.

– Do not get too carried away in terms of increasing eyelashes. Too long the length looks pretty strange, if not rude. In addition, the eyelids will be more tired, which will lead to redness of the eyes, which is contraindicated with such an emphasis on them. In addition, the more artificial eyelashes, the more fragile that they can lead to the fact that part of the extensed eyelashes will simply break off, creating an unpleasant picture.

– It is not necessary to give the eyes the time when artificial eyelashes are not pasted on them. Their own, relatives, should also be able to grow and strengthen. Otherwise, after some time, artificial bundles simply have nothing to stick to.

This is what concerned precautions before the eyelashes are made. However, after building eyelashes, the problems do not end, and you will have to cope with some difficulties:

1) Lovers to bury their nose in a pillow and sleep, you have to make a choice between chic eyelashes and an old habit. It is worth avoiding face lying in the pillow so as not to spoil the extensions of the extensions ahead of schedule.

2) it is important to use the correct makeup removal, as some products are able to dissolve glue on which artificial eyelashes are attached.

3) It is also important to monitor the water regime. In a bathhouse or sauna, glue risks being molten. In the pool, for example, he simply can not withstand the oncoming flow of water.

4) try to minimize the touch to eyelashes so as not to spoil them. The use of special forceps for curling eyelashes is absolutely contraindicated.

However, you can make eyelashes large and beautiful without growing them. It is not even necessary to go to beauty salons for this. You can use special hair balms that are aimed at maintaining their growth. If such a balm is applied over the eyelids, it will act in the same way as on the scalp. However, do not wait for a cardinal result after the first application. In addition to balms, you can use a variety of oils, such as castor. Many companies that sell cosmetics offer to purchase means to increase eyelashes. When buying such a substance, you can also increase your eyelashes naturally. Однако в этом случае стоит быть осторожной в выборе косметики. Предпочтение лучше отдать фирме, которой пользуетесь уже не первый год.

Таким образом, соблюдая или хотя бы прислушиваясь к этим нехитрым правилам, девушка может стать обладательницей самого выразительного и завораживающего взгляда, который не снился даже тем роковым девушкам из телевизора. Но надо помнить, что самая прекрасная красота – естественная. С ней ничего не сравнится.


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