Elite real estate in Spain
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Elite real estate in Spain

Elite real estate in Spain

Real estate in Spain is gaining popularity every year. And this is not surprising. Spain has an excellent climate, warm sea, a lot of affectionate sun, good people, developed infrastructure, wonderful economic and political conditions. Anyone who once visited Spain wants to return there again. It is also important that when acquiring real estate in Spain, you will have the opportunity to get not only the atmosphere of this country, but also the Schengen visa, which will extend annually.

If you want to buy or rent an elite real estate in Spain, then the Sunny Houses real estate agency at your service. Sunny Houses Agency will help you acquire real estate in the sunny country of Spain, starting from choosing options and ending with the contract of sale. In Spain, you can choose real estate for every taste and, importantly, not expensive. We can offer you many options, both next to the sea and in a distance from it with an amazing view of the surroundings and mountains. You can look at yourself as a huge elite villa on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean or Mediterranean Sea, as well as a modest small house or apartment. If you do not need permanent housing, then all possible rental options will be presented to your attention.

Using the services of Sunny Houses, you can not only buy, rent real estate in Spain, but organize an individual vacation for yourself and your whole family. You can buy and rent the most modern real estate from us, the design of which was created by the best designers and architects of Europe. It is worth noting that all the real estate that you want to buy or rent is equipped with furniture, kitchen and household appliances.

The most important principle of our work is the preservation of the confidentiality of negotiations. When conducting any real estate operation in Spain, our company will provide you with legal, accounting and tax support, and we will help you get a mortgage loan. Our agency can help you manage your real estate.

Housing or any other real estate is provided completely free and without collateral. Contact us and you will not regret your choice! Sea, hot sun and the grandiose atmosphere of Spain are waiting for you!

We are ready to discuss any issues with you on our phone: +7 (499) 709-40-15. Our consultants are always happy to call your call!

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