DIY PVC windows and window window
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DIY PVC windows and window window

DIY PVC windows and window window

If your old wooden windows are morally and physically outdated, and you want to return warmth and comfort to your house, then the most suitable solution – plastic windows. In this article we will tell you how to replace the window yourself without resorting to the help of the repairmen.

The process of installing a window in our time is almost no different from the installation technique of ordinary wooden windows. When installing windows from PVC, the same sequence of actions is performed, but much less effort.

First and basic – Preparation of the window for dismantling. All extraneous objects should be removed from the windowsill and near it, remove the curtains, and cover the furniture with adhesive or veil.

Then, the window itself is dismantled. The first to remove the old wings from the loops, then the frame is removed. Caution is important here – The profile can fall out into the street with careless dismantling. The last is the old window sill the last. As a rule, new windows are hollow inside and can be installed on top of the old.

Next stage – Direct installation. A double -glazed window and sash are taken out of the new window, and the frame itself – inserted into an empty opening. It is important to measure a vertical plumb line and horizontal level, in order to avoid unwanted inclination and distortion. Further, holes (perforator) for further fasteners are drilled in the wall and frame, bolts are entered, as a rule – Anchor. Sales and double -glazed windows are returned to the frame, the joint between the window and the wall is filled with sealant.

The latter is installed window sills (from the inside and outside). Then, the window is checked for performance (sash open and close). A day after the foam, the foams are finished with plastic panels, and, if necessary, the external joints are hung up. The protective film should be removed from profiles. The window is ready for operation.

At the moment, the construction market is rich in the choice of plastic windows from different manufacturers and with different configurations. In special demand, REHAU Brillant Design window systems is in great demand, with improved heat – and sound insulation. This system is quite economical, highly environmentally friendly and allows the possibility of secondary disposal. With all its advantages, it is ideal for home and office.

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