Curtain-pliss and their purpose
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Curtain-pliss and their purpose

Curtain-pliss and their purpose

Curtains made of pleated fabric, or curtains-pliss, were created specifically for plastic and wooden double-glazed windows. Such curtains consist of two aluminum profiles and a fabric stretched between them, which when lifting and lowering forms folds. This design allows you to create curtains for windows of any shape, even triangular and round. Cleaned curtains are almost not visible on the window, since they occupy only 4-5 centimeters.

Materials and types

Components are made of aluminum, steel or plastic. In any case, high -quality material is used. Profile and fittings can be classic colors (silver, bronze, black or white) or painted in the color chosen by the customer.

The fabric part of the curtains is made of polyester or polyester, has many colors, textures and design options. In some catalogs, there are more than three hundred variations. The fabric is impregnated with dusting, antistatic and antibacterial agents, and some models are covered with a special metallized or mother -of -pearl layer, which provides higher reflective qualities and preservation of coolness. In some cases, the curtains are treated with a means that prevent combustion. Such models are designed for rooms with increased fire norms.

Pliced ​​fabric curtains are freely imprisoned or with lateral fixation, they can be installed on ceiling, attic and other windows, including those who have complex and non -standard geometry.

Mechanisms for managing curtains-pliss can be rope, chain or manual. In the latter case, a special pen is fixed on the lower profile, with which the lifting and lowering of the curtains is carried out. The most economical option – Curtains with a rope mechanism, which is structurally similar to the horizontal blind mechanism. Chain mechanism – The most practical.

In addition, the curtains from pleated fabric can be equipped with an electric drive and controlled remotely.

Photo examples.

All used photos are taken from the site). All of the following options of the curtains, as well as curtains to order of any other type and size can be purchased from this company. On the site of this salon, you can also find a huge number of options of finished design with photos or ask to make a personal design of curtains.

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