Construction of houses of frame-monolithic
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Construction of houses of frame-monolithic

Construction of houses of frame-monolithic

The construction of monolithic houses is that the structure of buildings comes from reinforced concrete frames. Such designs make it possible to build buildings that can have any shape and number of storeys. The construction time for monolithic-frame houses is very short. The main box will be ready in a maximum of a week and a minimum after 2-3 days.

Construction of frame-monolithic houses: Advantages

To build external walls use a brick or silicone block. They give excellent hydraulic – and thermal insulation.

The main plus of monolithic -frame construction is the timeliness of the construction of buildings and free planning indoors, reliability, quality, excellent moisture – and thermal insulation.

To date, the construction industry is developing. Modern technologies are used. With the help of the latest mechanisms, the construction of houses acquires a lot of opportunities. This is primarily the ability to reduce the thickness of the walls, as well as ceilings. All this helps reduce the cost of building buildings. Houses with monolithic -ocas structures are more reliable and high-quality. Panel buildings can hold out for 80-90 years, and then they require dismantling. The advantage of monolithic houses is their durability. For 200 years, monolithic-frame houses can be improved. Panel construction is largely inferior to the monolithic. Monolithic construction is very economical and is able to build a house in a short time. Also, monolithic-frame houses are built in close conditions, and are able to carry out any architectural ideas of the facades.

Monolithic houses are very light, so they do not require massive foundations. The roofs of such buildings have an attic type. During the construction of many houses, they attract heavy equipment, but in the construction of monolithic-frame houses it will not be needed. This allows you to save on the services of a transport company and save a natural landscape design.

During the construction process, sediment is not needed, therefore, the finish can be done after the assembly is considered completed. When using a removable internal formwork, wood, drywall are used for finishing. The appearance of the house can look different, it all depends on the customer’s imagination, whether the house will be painted with water-based paints or decorated with porcelain tiles.

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