Cleanliness is out of danger
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Cleanliness is out of danger

Cleanliness is out of danger

Surprisingly, many do not even think about the dangers of synthetic detergents and cleaning means.  The number of allergic and chronic respiratory diseases, meanwhile, is growing. Incredibly, most continues to choose products, focusing only on the effect of cleanliness promised by advertising.  Meanwhile, the consequences of thoughtless choice can take different forms – from migraine to infertility. And – oddly enough – almost no one studies the composition of the selected tool. And epidemiological tests indicate the presence of a direct connection between incurable diseases and dangerous chemical mixtures, which we voluntarily bring to our house.

Most of the funds sold in Russia contain a high concentration of dangerous chemical compounds, many of which are prohibited for use in Europe and the USA. However, the trend is not production, then the consumption of exclusively environmental clean goods has already covered Russia. And on the market there are new funds for the HOPSREDSTVA-Dlya-Doma home, guaranteeing high consumer qualities along with absolute security for human health.

Orange House – an extensive line of Japanese house care products, developed on the basis of natural orange oil of cold pressing, providing perfect purity and antibacterial effect. That is why the presence of orange oil as part of each Orange House remedy is absolutely justified.

Washing products

Orange House washing products demonstrate the most attentive approach to consumer preferences. The line presents an ecological liquid concentrate for washing Powder Laundry Detergent Ultra Orange House and an ecological concentrated clerical powder Concentrated Laundry Detergent Orange House. Hypoallergenic agents do not contain phosphates, easily washed out of fabric during rinsing, remove any types of pollution and have a whitening and antibacterial effect.

In addition to liquid and concentrated washing powders, an ecological stain of Stain Remover Orange House, which can easily cope with any spots and ideally suitable for washing children’s clothing, is produced.

Non-chlorine Bleach Powder Orange House eco-shield is another effective tool in the ruler, and its effectiveness is not achieved at all due to malicious fluorescent compounds. The main active substance is a component of D-lemonone obtained from orange oil. Its high (90%) concentration in the bleach guarantees an unsurpassed result.

Environmental detergent for manual washing Laundry Fabric Delicate Washer Orange House is a successful addition to the set of means for washing Orange House. Only natural components in the composition – a guarantee of comfortable and effective manual washing.

Bath and kitchen products

Orange oil – a powerful weapon against any pollution. Therefore, the ecological cleaning agent for the kitchen and oven Kitchen Cleaner Orange House is an ideal peel and mud with microwave stoves, gas stoves and ovens, grilles and grills, as well as porcelain, ceramic, steel and enameled dishes.

Environmental tool for washing dishes, vegetables and fruits Dish and veggie Washer Orange House is absolutely safe for adults and children. The absence of phosphates and harmful toxic compounds guarantees high quality of everyday life for all family members.

Environmental cleaning tool for Bathroom Cleaner Orange House, instead of aggressive cleaning components, contains orange oil, which deeply penetrates strong pollution, splitting them and without leaving their divorces.

The ecological tool for washing glasses and shiny surfaces Glass and Surface Cleaner Orange House involves multifunctional use. With it you can quickly and effectively clean glass, ceramic, wooden and plastic surfaces. The product does not leave divorces and is one of the most popular in the entire Orange House line.

However, not a single remedy will eliminate the attention of an informed consumer, interested in creating an environmentally friendly environment within his own home. Orange House products are in demand all over the world. Today, unique means, the high consumer properties of which are confirmed by all the necessary certificates, can be purchased from official representatives of Orange House in Russia.

The long -awaited emergence of products in Russia cancels the very problem of choice in favor of safe goods. This is one of the few brands that provide high consumer quality of products and give an absolute guarantee of harmlessness for humans and environmental safety. Organge House certified products can be purchased from official representatives today.

The article was assumed by the perfumery and cosmetics store, as well as natural home remedies -Narcissus

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