Classification of fireplaces according to the installation method
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Classification of fireplaces according to the installation method

Classification of fireplaces according to the installation method

Based on the installation method, the following types of fireplaces can be distinguished: wall, corner, built -in and island. The former are most widely used. They go beyond the boundaries of the wall, next to which are located, and a lot of space is required for them. In this regard, spacious rooms are more suitable for their construction. In constructive terms, this object provides for a chimney.

Along with this, high interest in the modern period is manifested in the corner fireplaces. Usually they have two external cameras, while the chimney is built into one of the walls. Metal, concrete or blocks can be used to build the open part of the camera. A simple version of surface decoration provides for plastering, and more complex – lining with brick or natural stone.

The built -in fireplace attracts attention small sizes. Most often, a place in a niche or column is taken for him. However, here you have to make a lot of efforts, in this regard, the possibility of building such a fireplace should be thought at the moment when the house is being built. To decorate the fuel, masonry is used in half a brick. In such a design, only it will go beyond the boundaries of the wall. The interior of the portal can have the following sizes: 70×60 or 80×70. The island fireplace is placed far from other objects and walls with which it does not touch. It is made in the form of a platform of a flat shape towering above the floor.

The smokers is installed above it, which is connected to the pipe. There are also island fireplaces providing for the site, which is limited around the perimeter with glass. Along with this, there are also options that have no frame. These objects have an unusual appearance, but they need a lot of space in the room. In this regard, they will become an ideal option for spacious halls. In addition to this, they produce much less heat against the background of traditional fireplaces.

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