Choosing a wedding dress: current styles and types of design 2016
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Choosing a wedding dress: current styles and types of design 2016

Choosing a wedding dress: current styles and types of design 2016

Going to wedding salons in search of an ideal dress, many are faced with difficulties in choosing, because every bride dreams of being beautiful and fashionable. Here you need to take into account not only the type of your figure, but also the trends that leading designers offer us today.

Wedding is a celebration that every woman is looking forward to. It is on this significant day that the bride should feel excellent, be irresistible and ideal in everything. To achieve this, it is necessary not only to carefully think over everything, to beautifully design a banquet hall, but also to choose a suitable wedding dress that would perfectly emphasize the advantages of the figure of its owner. However, wedding fashion does not stand still, and if you take into account a wide variety of dress models, then the bride is not easy to make the right choice. What are the leading designers in 2016 and what should be paid to first of all?

The main fashion trends in 2016

Undoubtedly, wedding fashion involves the use of various decorative elements in the design of a dress for the bride. As before, smooth fabrics, lace, manual embroidery and volumetric applications remain in the trend. Last year, the main accent in wedding dresses was openwork inserts on the back, sleeves, in the neckline and on the skirt. Such elements are given along with airiness and sophistication. Therefore, lace has always been in fashion and remains relevant to this day.

This year, designers decided to significantly complicate the lace, giving it a larger volume and multi -layer. Exclusive wedding dresses from the latest collections are decorated with lace, which is embodied in various floral motifs, this is not only voluminous handmade embroidery, but also all kinds of rhinestones, beads, perforation. Lace inserts can be both the main accent on the dress or an additional element that decorates a skirt or a train.

In 2016, wedding dresses decorated with unusual embroidery and inlay have gained particular popularity. This allows you to create a unique image in the smallest elements. As a decor, you can most often see rhinestones, beads, crystals, glass, beads, ostrich feathers. Flower applications from organza and other translucent and delicate tissues deserve no less attention.

Actual styles

When choosing, it is undoubtedly worth paying attention to the dress, completely sewn from lace. As a rule, such a model gives the image of tenderness, lightness and elegance. In this case, the ideal option would be a translucent lace on the back, sleeves and in the lower part of the skirt, while the skirt itself should not be lush, but flow with flowing folds.

For those who do not like excesses and more prefer a simple and concise image, they can choose a dress sewn from delicate silk. Typically, models of such dresses are unremarkable, but the style itself can be the main decoration. Pay attention to the wedding sheath dress, it has strict and at the same time sophisticated lines, this cut is ideal for the fair sex with a slender figure. Silk dress can have both a short and long skirt, expanding to the bottom and smoothly passing into the train from behind.

In 2016, still at the peak of popularity there are models of dresses with an open back. They can have either sleeves of three quarters long, or thin straps. Also, over several seasons, the original design of the armhole is relevant, this option may be suitable for those who want to emphasize their sexuality. A deep neckline will also help you make you more attractive and feminine.

Ladams with magnificent forms are recommended to choose a dressing style of a dress, where the corsage is designed restrained, without the use of additional bows and decorative folds. A model with a long and straight skirt on the floor, slightly expanding downwards, is best suited. To visually make the figure slimmer or give growth, you can look at the dresses with a deep neckline in the neckline reaching the waist line. In this case, it is appropriate to drape the neckline with translucent lace.

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