Child's independence to dress the child's independence
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Child’s independence to dress the child’s independence

Child’s independence to dress the child’s independence

The child’s independence is dressed

One way or another, but your baby is growing, and by 3-4 years he shows his independence. You hear more and more often from your child: “I myself!”But most to mothers do not even occur to their child to dress themselves. We are always in a hurry and are somewhere late, so you pull clothes on your child in five minutes, while he needs it much more time to pull stubborn pants and a harmful T -shirt. So it may be worth sacrifice time? The Women’s Paradise site claims that, of course, there is also a child’s independence – this is his path to development.

By the way, an independent process of dressing and undressing is a great opportunity to train motor skills and learn to think logically. For example, in order to be with a full parade, the child needs to think over a few consistent actions: sat down to put on her underpants, got up to pull them, then sat down, put on socks. Put on a shirt, wow, how many buttons, then after the pants a boot with laces, will have to sweat. Of course, dressing skills will take a lot of time, but the more often you allow your child to pick up buttons and laces on your own, the faster he will succeed in this matter. But for parents several tricks to help!

First. You should never start the learning process when you are in a hurry to work. You are nervous, drive a child, and he is lost in such a situation. Remember the proverb: “You go quieter, then you will!»First, learning to dress when you have time in stock. Secondly, the process of dressing can be turned into a game. For example, tell your daughter that the pink dress that hangs in the closet is exactly like her doll Barbie. Or inform your son that today you will put on a t-shirt with Spider-Man, I think, it will not be difficult for him to pull it and he will do it with pleasure himself. Come up with a small reward for his efforts, namely for the desire, and not for the result. If the child made the maximum effort, and the result was a shirt inside out, praise him anyway, show how to rightfully belongs to him!

Second. Let your child choose clothes on your own and always be interested in his opinion. Putting on the next blouse, ask: “You like it? Convenient in it?”Already at this age, the child begins to develop his taste if you give him freedom in choosing a dress or jeans. In order for the process of morning dressing to enter the right direction, before bedtime, put two harmoniously selected sets of clothing on a chair – and in the morning your son or daughter will choose an option from a ready -made combination, and without any tears.

Third. Try to purchase simple things, and overalls and pants with many cunning locks and rivets, leave for solemn moments. Today, online stores of children’s clothing offer a huge number of interesting and fashionable things for your children. Give preference to spacious things, panties with an elastic elastic band, sundresses with large holes, so your child will be easier to learn to dress on his own, not only at home, but also in the walls of the kindergarten.

Fourth. But your help, still needs a child. To help, and not do everything for them. For example, tell your son to put on underwear – T -shirt and panties, and you will help your legs get into the pants, but he will still pull them on his own. Gradually intervene less and less, because your task is to remind what is being done first and what later.

Small secrets to facilitate the child independent dressing:

Put the T -shirt face down on the bed, thus, the label will automatically be on the back of the crumbs.

To pull socks, panties or tights, you need to sit down – so things are less twist and turn over.

Buttons on the shirt are fastened up from the bottom.

At first, the T -shirt is put on the head, and then crawl into the sleeves.

Make sure that the fabric or skin does not fall into the “zipper” – the baby will hurt, and the fabric “Zashe”.

Author: Natalia Konkova

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