Caution, womanizer!
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Caution, womanizer!

Caution, womanizer!

I love him so much, I can’t do anything with myself, and he does not miss a single skirt.

At work, everyone shows compliments, my friends are delighted with his courtesy. Constant calls, some ladies, even cheating on him, which she learned about. What should I do?" – if you are at least a little familiar, then you got into the network of a womanizer and this is an article for you. Today, together with the Women's Paradise site, we will talk about such a type of men as a womanizer!


Psychologists assure that they are not born by womanizer, they become them and this happens in the process of becoming a person:

The first is self -doubt. You will say, there can be no woman’s narcissistic daffodils, self -confident and irresistible. Everything is just the opposite. Their self -esteem is underestimated, and they constantly need doping. And they receive it, conquering one woman after another, as if proving to himself and the other that he is standing in this world.

The second is excessive female attention. As they say, all problems from childhood. If the handsome little boy from childhood surrounded his attention from his mother’s friends, he was loved by all the girls from the kindergarten, and then all the classmates were crazy about him, he was simply doomed, become a womanizer. He is spoiled by female attention, and he is not left other choice.

There are several psychological types of womanizer:

one. A inveterate bachelor. This type of womanizer, who proudly declares his next lover that he will never marry her. And in principle it does not deceive. Most of these men are mother's sons.

2. Self -sufficient womanizer. He is used to living alone all his life, he knows how to cook and conduct economy himself. But women in his life play the role of a certain adrenaline, thanks to them, he keeps himself in shape, retains vigor and youth for a long time. To the question: “Maybe we will get married? I will cook you delicious borscht!»The following answer will follow:" Why? I myself can cook borsch myself!""

3. Babnik Avenger. Such a womanizer, for sure, has a love story that serves as his inconsistency. Beloved girl did not wait from the army, or abandoned, and changed her beloved woman, and he decided to take revenge on all women found in his way, playing love.

four. Babnik seeker. Such a man has a great justification for his behavior of the search for the ideal. He does not want to marry and all his short -term numerous novels, no other than finding the only one. This type of womanizer, even at the most ideal, will find a bunch of shortcomings so that it only does not claim the role of a permanent life partner.

In fact, life is a very interesting thing and not one of the women is safe from meeting with a womanizer. It’s good if you are not married, you will leave you, pay, grow wiser and calm down. But if you have managed to become a woman’s wife, the situation is more serious here, because they are attracted not only by the fact of intimacy, how much the state of love, which he can cause in a woman is his balm to the soul. And this is already much more serious than random disposable proximity.

If you do not want to get into the network of a womanizer, then:

Do not fall in love with it. Everything is simple, as soon as you feel that it is like a spider weaving a web around you – a languid look, an incredible abundance of compliments, the performance of any desire, a bunch of gifts and surprises, be sure that he is he!

Do not flirt with him. He is beautiful as Apollo, make an effort over yourself that you are indifferent to his beauty. The desire to win over you is his horse, but if he stumbled upon a blank wall of indifference, he will retreat.

But, if you still tied your fate with the womanizer, then you:

Of course, you can try to re -educate it. However, this is impossible, and indeed to re -educate an adult is almost impossible. At first, your wonderful pastime and because of respect for you and your feelings, he may stop running after every skirt. But then his inspiration will run out, and ..

Try to understand, but "there is a sheepskin of dressing". If you doubt, take compatibility tests. Psychologists say that sometimes this helps to make the right choice.

Knowing that you tied your fate with the womanizer, force him to hide your adventures. A kind of ostrich principle, head in the sand – "I know nothing, and I do not want to know". Sometimes works and suits both.

Dismiss. Breake down. Here without comments.

Tolerate. Think about whether it is worth? Treason that causing such painful mental suffering is simply unbearable. You lose confidence, joy of life, a feeling of happiness and love.

Accept a partner as it is, and not worry.

If your life pushes you with a womanizer, think a thousand times whether to give your heart. We need women to feel not only beloved, but also the only one, and he will always look aside.  The choice is yours!

Author: Natalia Konkova

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