Be second wife's second wife
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Be second wife’s second wife

Be second wife’s second wife

There is already a long -awaited cherished record in your passport for marriage, you share one closet and a bed for two, and you are on the right of a legal wife. So you are a wife! At the moment, this status is more than just suits you, you are happy. Why? I will answer now. Not every man after an unsuccessful marriage connects himself with these bonds again! But there are those who strive to remind you that you are not just a wife, you are a second wife! It can be his relatives, sometimes friends. Is it easy to be a second wife! The Women’s Paradise from the site is a small instruction for you to achieve that its relatives and friends, without suspecting “play” on your side.

History from the life of Olga 27 years old. “I have the feeling that his mother just hates me, still tries to prick and exalt his ex -wife on the pedestal. When my appearance, it suddenly begins to helpfully remember how Svetochka and Mishenka approached each other. And why these questions: whether I am baking pies? Of course not! And compliments rushed to Svetochka: “Ah, you don’t know how?! It’s a pity! Mishenka loves them so much. Svetochka always baked pies on Saturdays!””

Not very nice, but be condescending. Forgive his mother for this tactlessness. She just tries to understand with whom his son will be better and acts by comparison, tries to find your weaknesses and is waiting for your reaction.  But you know that her son is crazy about you. You must be ready mentally on such questions asking questions: “I do not know how to bake pies, but I get an excellent borsch and meat in French. I think it’s no worse than pies!””.

As for his friends: you seem to be accepted optimistic, but they are wary of. Sometimes they ignore: do not invite old friends to parties or by superficial communication. I think you can win their sympathy, life situations will help you with this. Be patient and do not give in to provocations, try not to show your resentment. After all, resentment is a sign of defeat and an expression of powerlessness. And my husband’s friends are an important part of his life. Invite them to visit, find out their days of birth, invite their wives to joint shopping … Let them know that you are part of their community in accordance with the new status.

It just so happened that you met and love the father of the family. And if he is very attached to his child, this is a good sign, then he is an excellent dad, and he will love your joint baby no less. But some points are better off at once, because later it will be done quite problematic. When your husband, on the first call of his ex -wife, canceling your joint plans for the evening, rushes through the whole city to teach the baby to ride a bicycle. Or walks in a park with a child in the company of an ex -wife, you will clearly not like. Talk with your husband about his child, certainly calling him by name, and not “your son” or “your daughter”, this carries a negative note. You should not be offended if your husband does not call you for a joint walk, perhaps he does not know your reaction to this, or is not ready to introduce you, is afraid for the baby, who also needs to prepare for your meeting in a timely manner. Invite everyone together to go to the cinema or park, give gifts. A gift for a child is the most affordable way to express your attention and sympathy for you. The child is glad, the husband is touched and everyone is happy!

Do not fall into despondency because the shadow of the past does not give you peace. Well, your husband was married when it was for another. The whole environment tries to compare you with the predecessor. It `s naturally. In their place, you would have behaved the same way. But you are in your place! Just try to the extent of your curiosity, not to look for the advantages or disadvantages of your predecessor. He did not work out there, remain yourself, and be sure that sooner or later they will recognize you and accept you. Show that you are waiting for this and are not going to “fight” with.

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