Bathroom repair
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Bathroom repair

Bathroom repair

Repair and reconstruction in the bathroom can be carried out by combining with the repair of the entire apartment or house or separately.

Repair, it would seem, small in the area of ​​the room, such as the bathroom, is the most time -consuming.

Work begins with the release of the premises. Remove and take out all shelves, cabinets, boxes, washing machine, etc. D. The walls are freed from hooks, hangers, mirrors.

After that they start preparing the walls. If necessary, remove the old tile.

Mandatory inspection is subject to hot and cold water pipelines, sewage, electrical wiring, sockets and switches.

It is recommended to replace old metal pipes with metal -plastic for water and plastic for sewage. These pipes are more easy to care for, durable, do not require additional paint coating. They do not need to carry out welding work for their installation.

Plastics sewer pipes are assembled as a constructor. Parts are easily replaced. During operation, they are easily cleaned, do not react with chemicals intended for cleaning pipes.

Well, by visiting the site you will find high -quality furniture for your home at a reasonable price.

Having mechanical damage or morally obsolete sink, toilet, a bath must be replaced.

Cranes undergo complete preventive maintenance or change to new.

In order to save water and place in the bathroom, many replace the bathroom with a shower booth. Modern showers are easy to wash. Various configurations come on sale.

Also, to save space in small -sized rooms, a bedside table for hygienic accessories is installed under the sink.

And of course you must not forget about the door. If the door is deformed or has a number of defects, or just the old one is subject to fitting or replacing. Special doors are produced for the bathroom. They have a special moisture -repellent impregnation or coating. Various colors and models come on sale. Therefore, they are easy to choose under the interior of the room.

So the bathroom is an intimate room it should have a lock or latch.

Visually increases the area and decorates the room with a large beautiful mirror, the right choice and location of the lamps.

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