Asphalt concrete. Flip repairs with hot asphalt concrete mixture.
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Asphalt concrete. Flip repairs with hot asphalt concrete mixture.

Asphalt concrete. Flip repairs with hot asphalt concrete mixture.

Pits and potholes, other defects on the roadbin should be covered in accordance with certain requirements and criteria. They belong to indicators of density, strength, roughness and evenness of the restored area. Pit repair is impossible without certain materials, one of which is asphalt concrete. In addition, special machines and installations, equipment will be required.

Asphalt concrete plants offer hot and cold mixtures. Each species has its advantages and disadvantages. Before you buy asphalt, suitable for hot or cold submarine technology, you should know about the features of each variety of mixtures. The water resistance and strength of cold asphalt concrete can be two to three times lower than the same in the quality of the hot. Moreover, the cost of the first is also much lower than the second.

Cold asphalt concrete mixtures are usually used only for moisture repair of roads III and IV categories. Whereas hot – for categories I and II. The demand for asphalt concrete for such repairs is justified by the availability of the source materials from which it is made. Most regions have numerous factories producing bitumen, gravel, mineral powder and sand.

The optimal road repair is a hot asphalt concrete mixture, as it provides high quality sealing of the canvas. However, its disadvantages should include higher cost, the inability to repair in poor weather conditions, the need for accurately compliance with the technological process. These reasons are sufficient in order for many repair and road companies, in some cases, it prefers hot asphalt concrete mixtures hot. You can buy asphalt of this type from most specialized factories, while its laying does not require a rigid temperature regime and quick delivery to the place of repair work.

In recent years, attempts have been made to introduce alternative materials for the patching of roads. Mixtures based on bitumen emulsions were used. They are widely in demand and popular in many developed countries. After all, such materials are highly economical, can be laid in more difficult weather conditions. However, the development of technologies of repair work using these mixtures is very slow pace.

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