About multi -level stretch ceilings
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About multi -level stretch ceilings

About multi -level stretch ceilings

Currently, there are many ceiling systems on the market, except for traditional whitewashing, painting, wallpaper, customers are presented to the choice of suspended, rack, stretch ceilings. The stretch ceiling is very popular, due to its advantages. We’ll talk about them.

One of the advantages of such ceilings is the objective possibility of implementing almost any design fantasy. This indicates both the selection of various colors, applying various drawings to the ceiling with the help of photo printing, and about the possibility of manufacturing multi -level structures.

A multi -level stretch ceiling – a canvas stretched at various levels and planes, made of two or more paintings of various textures, colors and so on. This is a great opportunity to give the ceiling of all kinds of forms – a dome, wave -like shape, smoothly “flow” into the walls, you can make accents on strict lines and sharp angles. On the website NATAZNIE-POTOLKI. HTM presents various options for multi -level stretch ceilings. There you can also order them.

Such ceilings provide extensive scope when planning lighting in the rooms – hinged and built -in lamps that are at various levels, illuminate the rooms at different angles and allow you to create a unique interior.

Simple ceilings and multi -level stretch ceilings are distinguished by the manufacturer and quality of ceiling material. In addition to the fact that the ceilings produced in Russia are distinguished by excellent quality, when mounting multi -level structures, they try to use a web of foreign production (German and Italian).

It immediately becomes clear that such ceilings will cost much more in comparison with a simple ceiling. Thus, the question of choosing a company that can make professional installation arises most relevant. It says not only about the tension and fixing of the ceiling in the baguette, but also about the reconstruction of the intricate structure, in which any mistake can reduce all the work to zero.

When choosing a company, pay attention to both the manufacturers of suspended ceilings, any company can be a representative, and on a portfolio, for the duration of the company in this market, for customer reviews (the information is now in full on the Internet). And only then calmly decide with the choice of ceilings.

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