A little about plastic windows
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A little about plastic windows

A little about plastic windows

Windows in the apartment are one of the components of home comfort and one of the most important elements of the interior. Now in the construction market of Tomsk a huge assortment of windows from various manufacturers is presented // Types of the materials used and the thickness of the double -glazed windows.

To help the buyer with the choice of windows and answer the most interested questions, we asked the commercial director of the Krasnodar Plastic company Irina Shubin:

– What are the main advantages of plastic windows? Plastic windows are the most practical and inexpensive constructions that combine the strength, durability, aesthetics, excellent heat, moisture – and soundproofing properties.

– What are plastic windows from? – Modern plastic windows are made of special window PVC profile. Its quality, durability and appearance are more dependent on which profile is used in the manufacture of the window you ordered.

– What is a good plastic profile? – The plastic profile is very convenient during installation and allows you to adjust to the chickens accurate to the fraction of a millimeter, in addition, it is resistant to atmospheric influences and is not deformed during the entire service life. A feature of the design of PVC profiles allows you to create windows of various shapes – from classic rectangular to complex architectural structures, which is very relevant for non -standard buildings.

– What is the best profile? – The most optimal for use in Siberian weather conditions is the Proplex profile made in Russia for the development of the best Austrian technologists. The recipe of PVC compositions for the manufacture of Proplex was selected taking into account the specifics of the Russian climate and meets all international standards.

– Will the window color change after several years of operation? – By purchasing a window from high -quality Proplex plastic, you can be sure that the window will not turn yellow and will not darken during the entire service life.

You can get many answers to your questions by phone, but for this you need to find window firms. It is enough to dial the phrase “Windows of Krasnodar” on the Internet and you will be given a complete list of window workers in the Kuban – choose, I do not want to. You will have the opportunity to compare the prices and conditions of different dealers. Believe me, it’s very convenient. No need to go anywhere…

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