10 fashion trends of winter 2013-2014
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10 fashion trends of winter 2013-2014

10 fashion trends of winter 2013-2014

Real fashionistas are looking forward to the arrival of winter. It is this time of the year that gives them the opportunity to create gorgeous images, striking around with luxurious furs, surprising with original hats and spectacular boots. What things in the winter season 2013-2014 are destined for “National Love”, Ritamoda will tell. We present to the attention of readers of 10 fashion trends of the advancing winter.

Choosing volumetric and colored furs

This winter in a special trend volumetric fur products. But in the spotlight in fur coats, hats, mantle and fur jewelry is not so much the pile itself as its color. Designers recommend when choosing a fashionable fur thing to give preference to bright and juicy shades (red, yellow, lilac), which remind of a rapidly flying carefree summer.

We update a leather wardrobe

The days have passed when fashionistas were content with the presence in their wardrobe of one or two things made of genuine leather-jackets or skirts. Today you will not surprise anyone even with a stylish leather laundry! In winter collections, designers paid special attention to leather dresses, tight -fitting trousers, vests and long gloves.

We meet the winter in velvet

The unconditional favorite of the winter season 2013-2014 becomes velvet. Each self -respecting fashionista is simply obliged to get a velvet dress, jacket, jacket, skirt or trousers. And you should not expect a suitable solemn case to shine with outfits from this fashionable fabric having a soft pile and a characteristic noble shine. Things from velvet this winter moved to a daily wardrobe.

We dress in the style of “New Luk”

The authorship of the New Luk style (new look) belongs to the inimitable Christian Dior. High breasts, thin waist and wide hips – it is these features of the female figure that the famous designer proposes to emphasize in the framework of the fashionable direction. This can be done with the help of dresses and costumes with a tight -fitting bodice, the emphasized waist line and voluminous flared skirts. The coming winter is very relevant!

We are insulated: in trend – multilayer outfits

You can’t call the winter months affectionate! And in the cold I always want to wrap myself in something warm. And world moders of the fashion have nothing against such a desire! This winter, it is allowed to wear leather vests on fur fur coats, and on leather coats – a mantle made of natural fur. And the skirt, by the way, can be worn along with trousers – narrow, classic and even wide.

We look closely at the men’s wardrobe

How the upcoming winter designers propose focusing on female fragility and defenselessness? Surprisingly, but imitating men in clothes! The most fashionable in the winter season will be ladies in strict costumes like those worn by English gentlemen. Fashionistas and things reminiscent of American cowboys or European travelers of the 18th century will be relevant in the winter wardrobe.

We are put on in overalls

Gray-brown woolen overalls with long sleeves and English fur collars-this is not only warm, convenient, but also very fashionable! An interesting detail is perfectly complemented by such an outfit-a sewn-in-wing-miter belt located on the hips.

We pay attention to the Basques

Imitation of small skirts from short frills at the waist – again at the peak of popularity. Basques perfectly disguise a small tummy or give their hips splendor and seductiveness. In winter 2013-2014, this cute detail becomes a fashionable addition to dresses, jackets and even coats.

Do not forget about shorts

Shorts in the winter wardrobe of the fashionista? Yes, and again yes! Leather or velvet, velvet or tweed shorts, which in cover resemble classic trousers and have a length to the knees, are quite a successful designer move. It is better to postpone mini-models before the day of the day of summer days.

We complement the image with a vest

How to freely complement any image in any style? Just put on a suitable vest! This truth has already become a capital, and the coming winter is confirmation of this. If the fur and leather vests are already perceived for granted, we suggest paying attention to elegant knitted models that have an assured armhole decorated with transverse stripes or large pockets.

How to look stylish and elegantly advancing winter? The answer is simple: just follow our recommendations. We wish you fashionable and warm winter!

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